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Religious Education for All Ages


Tools and Resources

These pages are experiential activities which may be used in many different settings.  Often the setting is intergenerational.  For example, Intergenerational First Day School before meeting for worship gathers all ages together.  

 Sometimes these exercises are used for  weekends at camp or on retreats.  Still others find ways to incorporate these suggestions as lesson plans for home school.  And some meetings have home groups (sometimes called Circle 8’s).  These are usually adults only and provide one way for adult Friends to become better acquainted with one another through gatherings that travel from home to home. 

No matter the ages, each of these activities invites participants to grow in the ways of Friends. 

1.  Worship Sharing on the Home Query: “Do you try to make your home a place of friendliness, refreshment and peace where God becomes more real to all who live there and to those who visit it?”(Broken into two sessions--for all ages)

2.  First Day School in a Box or Bag

When attendance at First Day School is sporadic a story and art response is all you need to provide a program.


Last Updated:    10/03/2016